Thank you for your interest in Global Sales Strategies for Ambitious Kiwi Entrepreneurs.

The workshops have been postponed, but...

As a courtesy to Kiwi Entrepreneurs who are eager to take the course, anyone from New Zealand is invited to attend the workshops we are holding in Turkey, Spain, or Quebec -- free of charge -- until the New Zealand workshop schedule has been finalized.

We guarantee that all attendees will achieve the three results listed below,
or your workshop fee will be refunded in full...  

1. Shorten Your Sales Cycle


The time from first elevator pitch to signed contract and purchase order will be significantly and consistently shortened. 



2. Get Larger Orders

By managing the sell cycle consistently, and deeply, the customer will buy more of your products and services per contract.

3. Reduce Pipeline Uncertainty


Surprises are for kids and birthday parties: your sales pipeline will predict the timing, size, and outcome of each large account more accurately.